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Surrogacy & donor conception

We are uniquely & deeply informed about surrogacy

Surrogacy is an excellent option to help Canadians grow their family however, it’s not without challenges.  


Therapeutic support for surrogates & intended parents can help everyone handle the emotional stressors that come with fertility treatments, potential losses and pregnancy while also giving you the tools to foster a positive relationship.


Carried with Love was founded by Ariel Taylor, a 5X surrogate and 6X egg donor with first-hand insight into the needs of surrogates, donors, and intended parents.  Her unique perspective & academic background has allowed her to build a team especially attuned to the needs of individuals building their families through surrogacy.

Are you an intended parent considering surrogacy as a path to build your family?
We have curated a course that explains the process, the laws, the investment, and how to match with a surrogate.

Here are some areas that we can help

Support for surrogates before, during & after pregnancy

Egg & sperm donor counselling

Complete mental health support for intended parents

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$ 165
Per 60 minute session
  • Depending on your health coverage and location, counselling may be submitted to insurance for reimbursement.

Psycho-Social Assessments

$ 420
For a 90 minute session + written report
  • Assessments are a mandatory step in the medical screening process for surrogates and required by fertility clinics to proceed. They may be submitted to insurance for reimbursement.

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